Sunday, 22 April 2012

First Post - Basic Exercise Routine

So for my first post for this blog I'm going to go over a beginner exercise routine, one that I used when I first started working out.  It consists of 3 principle compound exercises: Squats, Bench Press and Deadlifts.  These 3 exercises are the bread and butter of any power lifter or bodybuilder.

Anyone who is just starting to workout should do these 3 compound exercises because they work the most muscles at once.  You will gain muscle mass guaranteed by performing these exercises and by eating healthy.

1. Squat
- Start out by doing a warm-up set with just the barbell, no weight on it to get your form down
- There should be a natural inward curve on your lower back throughout the movement.  You should not bend over.
- Now squat as deep as your flexibility allows.  To get a full rep, you should squat just below where your thighs are parallel to the floor.
- On the way up, drive your heels into the ground and flex your buttocks and thighs as you push upwards.
- Watch some YouTube videos to get a better idea of the movement.

2. Bench Press

- I'll be shocked if any man has never done a bench press before but just in case, I'm going to go through it in detail.
- Again, start out with a warm-up set.
- With the barbell racked, lie down on the bench as pictured above.
- Grab the barbell by putting your middle fingers along the marked part of the barbell.
- Slowly take the weight off the rack and bring it down slowly towards your chest, making sure your elbows do not flare outward.
- Touch the bar to your chest and then press the weight upward.  Try to imagine you are pushing yourself into the bench instead of pushing the weight up.
- Again, watch youtube videos if you are confused.

3. Deadlift

- Again, start out with a warm-up set but put a small amount of weight that you feel comfortable with.
- With the barbell resting on the floor, place your feet underneath the middle of the bar so that the bar "cuts" your feet in two, i.e. half your foot in front of the bar, half of it behind it.
- Grab the bar with your hands shoulder width apart by bending over but keeping your hips high in the air and without bending your knees.
- Now bend your knees so that your shins almost touch the bar.
- Now for the lift, with an arch on your lower back, simply push your chest upwards and pull the weight up.
- Reverse the motion to bring the weight back down and repeat.
- Videos showing correct form can be easily found (Youtube or Google).


  1. Nice post. I'll be following for more advice. I need to get rid of some belly fat.

  2. sweet man. Good tips for getting some of those tough to reach muscles